Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Georgia GOP Hall of Shame

You know all that money Sonny spent in his unsuccessful attempt to attract the NASCAR Hall of Fame to Atlanta? Based on a story in today's AJC, perhaps we can put those plans to work creating The Georgia GOP Hall of Shame. I co-nominate Sonny Perdue and Mike Bowers to be the first inductees. I have never seen a political party so adept at choosing their worst violator to be the spokesperson on a particular issue.

Sonny, "the most ethically challenged governor in Georgia's history" (Mike Jablonski), and the first sitting governor to found guilty of campaign disclosure law violations, ordered to repay more than $18,000.00 and fined $1,900.00, chooses none other than Mike Bowers, himself fined $3,600 by the Ethics Commission in 1997 for disclosure violations, to call for "quick action" on the ethics charges against Taylor. Look, if Taylor took money he was not supposed to, then he needs to pay the money back, pay his fine and take responsibility. But Perdue and Bowers might want to find someone with clean hands to express their righteous indignation.

This idea, of having the person with the least moral authority embrace an issue, is a Rove tactic, and an effective one at that. Using it does require a profound lack of self-awareness, or maybe just some good old fashioned sociopathy. Nationally, the DSCC has an online version of a national GOP Hall of Shame. It includes the likes of Georgia Allen, Dick Cheney, Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon and Karl Rove.

So, I think that I will begin a Georgia GOP Hall of Shame over at Georgia Women Vote!. I will take nominations, complete with a short explanation of why your nominee is particularly worthy and provide this link back here. Feel free to post nominations here. Hypocrites will get priority listings!


Lyman Hall said...

Sen. Ralph Hudgens

He gerrymandered Athens-Clarke County (the smallest geographic county in the state) for purely political reasons, while claiming that Madison County needed to be made whole. Other key facts: (1)There was a way to keep both Madison and Clarke Co. whole involving Elbert Co (which was already divided anyway). (2) Sen. Hudgens needed to gerryamnder this district because he did not actually live in the district he had been representing.
Democrats may have been overly ambitious for dividing our counties and communities after the last census. That doesn't make it right for the GOP to draw a district mid-decade which dilutes the voting strength of one county and the electoral chances of one woman (Rep. Jane Kidd)

Lyman Hall said...

By the way, if you are tired of Hudgens involving himself in your local county politics, give Mac Rawson a chance. He is a great candidate--an educator that knows Georgias families are more concerned about good jobs, healthcare, and education than advancing Ralph Hudgens political career.

Amy Morton said...

Good choice. I'll add him now!

Amy Morton said...

Okay, Lyman, see your post at http://www.georgiawomenvote.com/index.cfm?PageID=15

Button Gwinnett said...

Linda Schrenko - no explanation necessary.

Amy Morton said...

OH, good one, Button! I will add her.