Friday, August 11, 2006

Georgia House Candidate Gains National Spotlight

Lauren Benedict (D), candidate for HD 140, down in the Heart of Georgia, is in the national spotlight today. Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Charisse Jones chose Benedict as one of the candidates to highlight in a USA Today article on how women win. Lauren is in a very competitive district. The seat currently held by a vulnerable freshman Republican who won in 2004 by only 80 votes. For months, Benedict is has been running a smart grassroots campaign, working hard to make sure that, this year, a Democrat who will put the needs of the people in the district first, will win. Here's a portion of the USA Today article:

Women often need to be asked to run, Fischer says. Such was the case with Lauren Benedict, a Democrat who is challenging Republican incumbent Allen Freeman for a seat in the Georgia House.

An attorney, Benedict, 34, has taken community and church leadership roles but didn't think of pursuing political office until colleagues and friends suggested it.

"I think I was moving toward that step and perhaps not realizing it until someone asked," she says.

In her community and her church, Benedict had been involved as a volunteer for many years. Advocating for hard working families is also the focus of her professional practice where she specializes in Social Security disability and Worker's Compensation. She views elected office as public service, a natural extension of her life and her professional practice.

Benedict is an outstanding candidate, and this seat is one that Georgia Democrats can definitely take back this year. You can learn more about Lauren, and volunteer or contribute by clicking here.


Button Gwinnett said...

Since they had to ask her to run, it sounds like they picked the right one. ;-) Best of luck to Lauren!

PoliticzIsWar said...

Great candidate. Met her at an event recently. Hope she gets a lot of coverage out of this.

Amy Morton said...

She is a remarkable women and has her heart and soul in this race.

MelGX said...

She's one of the best. Go Lauren!