Thursday, August 3, 2006

GWV Poll Results: Hecht and Martin

Based on the results of the online poll posted day before yesterday, it appears that Martin's momentum may be continuing. With 50 votes cast, Martin received 34 votes (68%), Hecht received 15 votes (30%) and 1 person was "undecided." I expect that Jim would take those results on Tuesday! Let's just hope that vote count does not reflect the number who will vote in the real runoff!


Button Gwinnett said...

No kidding! I didn't bother early voting this time because I doubt there will be much of a wait at my precinct.

Ed Hula III said...

i bet 17 people will turn out statewide for this run off.

CC will say that this is a divine message. First, he was able to defeat the voice of God himself RR.

And now, the Dems are just handing him the Gov's mansion in 2010.

He will be so cocky he will take a page out of the mighty casey's book and tell his voters he's got in the bag and to actually *stay home* it is that assured.

Ed Hula III said...

by mighty case I meant the 19th century poem. Not Casey Cagle (although I didn't even think about Casey Cagle and the might casey)