Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Helping WIN Women WIN!

This Thursday, at the home of Meltia Easters, Georgia's WIN List will host a very important debut. We will spotlight our endorsed candidates who have won their primary elections and, with your help, are going to WIN in November. WIN List, a political action committee committed to helping elect qualified, pro-choice Democratic women, is a great place to invest your political dollars. Already this cycle, three new women, Margaret Kaiser, Stacey Abrams and Robbin Shipp, all endorsed by WIN, have won seats in the General Assembly.

Why give to WIN? Because WIN List carefully recruits, trains and screens our endorsed candidates before we invest your money in their races. It's no accident that WIN List women, WIN! In 2004, when the Georgia sun did not shine so brightly on Democrats, 83% (20 of 26) WIN-endorsed candidates won their races! Whether you are a longtime supporter of WIN or have never attended a WIN event, I hope that you will come this Thursday to honor the following candidates. You can learn more about each of them and even directly donate to their campaigns, just by clicking on their name:

Statewide Office Secretary of State Gail Buckner *
School SuperintendentDenise Majette*
Public Service CommissionDawn Randolph*

State Senate
SD 2 Regina D. Thomas (I)
SD 32 RuthE Levy*SD 34 Valencia Seay (I)
SD 36 Nan Orrock *SD 38 Horacena Tate (I)SD 44 Gail DavenportSD 46 Jane Kidd*SD 55 Gloria Butler (I)

State House
HD 2 Sadie Morgan*
HD 39 Alisha Thomas Morgan (I)
HD 44 Sheila Jones (I)
HD 46 Melanie Eyre*
HD 48 Jan Hackney*
HD 55 "Able" Mable Thomas
HD 56 Kathy Ashe (I)
HD 57 Pat Gardner (I)
HD 58 Robbin Shipp
HD 59 Margaret Kaiser
HD 60 Georganna Sinkfield (I)
HD 68 Carol Rozier*
HD 74 Roberta Abdul-Salaam (I)
HD 75 Celeste Johnson
HD 83 Mary Margaret Oliver (I)
HD 84 Stacey Abrams
HD 85 Stephanie Stuckey Benfield (I)
HD 86 Karla Drenner (I)
HD 87 Michele Henson (I)
HD 92 Pam Stephenson (I)
HD 113 Becky Vaughn*
HD 130 Debbie G. Buckner (I)
HD 133 Carolyn Hugley (I)
HD 136 Beth Perera*
HD 138 Nikki T. Randall (I)
HD 140 Lauren Benedict*
HD 144 Dee Yearty*
HD 151 Freddie Sims (I)
HD 169 Danita Knowles*
HD Jaki Johnson*

I = Incumbent; * Faces opposition in November general election

Here are the details:

Let's Take Back the Gold Dome


Helping WIN Women Win!

Join us on Thursday, August 24, 2006 at the home of Melita Easters, 3215 Glen Arden Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30305 when Georgia's WIN List presents our Endorsed Candidates for the 2006 General Election. To reserve your place, use the form below. For more information or to reserve by phone, call Leslie at 770-489-6689. You may also reserve by e-mail at info@georgiawinlist.com.

Minimum donation is $50 per attendee.


Tim said...

Just a note that all the legis.state.ga.us emails changed so those links with emails are incorrect. The new format is firstname.lastname@house.ga.gov or firstname.lastname@senate.ga.gov, just an FYI. I've gotten a lot of bounced emails over the last 2 weeks.

Amy Morton said...

Thanks, Tim. I will let the WIN web person know as well. I copied this list off that site.