Monday, August 21, 2006

Here Are the Results!

Here are the results of the poll we posted on what characteristics are needed in a DPG Chair. It is interesting, but not surprising that "Mr. Grassroots/Field Organizing" was the winning answer with 40% of the vote. "Mr. Moneybags" finished in second place with 28% of the vote. Perhaps we need a runoff!

Often, money and grassroots are seen as competing, mutually exclusive options, but they are not. The Party needs both to re-bound. During this discussion, Mel from over at Blog for Democracy raised the point that it is not only the position of chair that is important, but also the position of Executive Director. Where do we go from here?

What Does the DPG Most Need?

The next DPG chair needs to be:

Answer 2 Mr. or Ms. Grassroots (field organizing)
Answer 1 Mr. or Ms. Money Bags (fundraising)
Answer 3 Mr. or Ms. Charisma (team building)
Answer 4 Mr. or Ms. Kingmaker (candidate support)
total votes: 25
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