Friday, August 18, 2006

How Can the DPG Win?

Let's face it. Georgia Democrats have seen better days. We've had a good bit of discussion about who should become chair in January, but let's change the focus a bit. Instead of who, let's talk about what characteristics we need in a new chair. What type of person will wake the Party up and build a machine that helps good candidates win?

The poll below is a fun way to begin the discussion. I know that all the catagories are important, and other attributes not listed are important as well. It's a way to begin a discussion. We can all take an active roll in deciding what sort of state and local party we want. What do you want in a new state chair?

What Does the DPG Most Need?
The next DPG chair needs to be:
Answer 1 Mr. or Ms. Money Bags (fundraising)
Answer 2 Mr. or Ms. Grassroots (field organizing)
Answer 3 Mr. or Ms. Charisma (team building)
Answer 4 Mr. or Ms. Kingmaker (candidate support)


Ed Hula III said...

A combination of all of those.

MelGX said...

A Chair with any of the strengths above would be desirable, provided they assembled a capable team. The next Chair will only be part of the solution, although a big part.

I’m told the Executive Director is the more critical position, even though he/she is hired by the Chair. That’s why any discussion of Chair might also include consideration of candidates for ED, since the two work in tandem. (The ED position is currently paid, the Chair unpaid.)

For example, Shyam’s strengths (as I see them), are 1 & 3: fundraising and charisma. Mike Berlon’s strengths (again only my opinion), are 2 & 4: grassroots and candidate focused. Add to this Mike’s experience at the County Party level and Shyam’s experience as a candidate, and together, these two would make an excellent leadership team. As well, both men firmly support the YDs, a huge plus in my book.

Of those two, I’d probably prefer Shyam for Chair and Berlon for ED, only because Berlon is the more politically experienced. All this assumes Shyam is interested, which he might not be. Even in good times the Chair take a lot of flak. It’s really a thankless job.

Other names I’ve heard floated lately are: Rep. Tom Bordeaux, Mark Taylor (if he loses), Cathy Cox, Melita Easters, Darryl Hicks, and Steve Leeds. Of those, Leeds is my least favorite option. He’s a nice man, but it’s time to move on.

Back in January of ’05, we conducted a poll and Max Cleland was the clear favorite, with Cathy Woolard in second place:

In a subsequent poll, Tasso Knight was the runaway favorite.

Any candidate for Chair will have to satisfy a strong need for change. That means (among other things), being free of the conflicts of interests and insular behavior that have plagued the party in recent years. It also means cleaning house.

If Taylor does prevail, it will be a wonderful thing for Democrats, but will mean business as usual at the DPG. He will assume the traditional role as head of the party, and all this is moot. However, if he doesn’t prevail, it means real and lasting change at the state party is finally possible.

How’s that for a choice?

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