Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Not hearing or reading much about Majette

As a retired educator who continues to be vitally interested in our schools, I would surely like to hear more from Denise Majette's campaign.
One prominent educator I know (who just happens to be a Democrat) describes the incumbent as having "a death grip" on the position of School Superintendent. I have heard criticism of financial cuts to education in Georgia, but not much in the way of dissatisfaction with the current superintendent. Another Democrat I know says she plans to vote for the Republican incumbent based on having met her and been impressed with her knowledge on education issues and current events.
I signed up for Majette's email list but have not received any emails from her campaign. I would be happy to post promotional material for her on my blog but I haven't received any.
The general election is just around the corner. Democrats like me (and educators and other voters) need some reassurance that she is doing some homework in areas like curriculum, school finance, standardized tests and other key areas in the complex business of running a state school system. I'm a Democrat and she's a Democrat and I surely would like to give her my vote. I know a lot of teachers and would like to have some talking points with which to promote her candidacy....but so far her campaign hasn't given me anything to say.


Button Gwinnett said...

The impressions of those that you conveyed in that post are truly frightening to me. K-Cox needs to be removed from office.

I've stated before that Majette's job hopping and lack of background in educational issues bothers me. But I thought she appropriately handled questions that came her way about those concerns. I especially appreciated what she had to say about her own excellent education, as well as the fact that "academians" have been failing at this job for quite a while.

K-Cox is another example of that. Anyone who caters to the dumbing down of Georgia's public education, including wanting to remove the word "evolution" from text books, doesn't need to be guiding Georgia's public school system. The tag team of Perdue/K-Cox has been terrible for education.

Tina said...

Agreed---but people need to hear it from the Democratic candidate. I volunteered for Majette in her last campaign. Drove around with a Majette sign on top of my car.
I really like her....I just want to hear more from her campaign down here in mid-GA.

Button Gwinnett said...

Tina, lets hope we start hearing and seeing more from Majette around Labor Day. For some reason people took her lightly two years ago when she was running around the state campaigning in the Democratic primary for US Senate. She really took it to Cliff Oxford and people left impressed when they saw her in person - even in places like Tifton and Moultrie.

Just promise me one thing though. If Denise talks you into turning your car into the "Majette-mobile" this fall, take a picture of it and post it to your site. ;-)