Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shyam's Ready

If anyone had a question about whether Shyam Reddy was ready to be Party Chair, those doubts were blown away tonight at the Red Clay Unity Event. Shyam emceed the event and did a fabulous job! Let's go, Shyam, January's not far away!!


LonelyDem said...

hmmm. must have missed seeing you at the event

Ed Hula III said...

I've expressed my reservations before about SR as chair, and I think because someone emceed an event well is even less justification for State Chair.

decaturguy said...

Nothing personal, but what does Shyam know about winning elections? We need someone who knows about how to win an election, and who has experience doing so, in that position.

And is Shyam willing to take on a full time job with no pay?

Amy Morton said...

I can't imagine why Shyam would want to work for free and do not know that he even wants this job. I keep bringing him up because I think he has characteristics that are attractive in a chair. I'd like to see someone with those characteristics elected. We don't need any more of the "same old, same old." I'm looking for youth, energy, a vision for developing the grassroots, county organizations, raising money and identifying and training candidates. And, someone who will attract YD's and others who are dems but not "Party Dems." Let's hear some other names. I'd love a discussion about what characteristics in a chair would move us forward.

Ed Hula III said...

Hey Amy,

I understand what you are saying but...the thing is, he couldn't develop his own grassroots into an effective machine. Why do we want that as our state chair?

Why do we want "party Dems" to come in to the fold? It does not seem like they contribute much to our political advancement.

And we had the same old same old, that would mean Democrats rule the state and our primary is the default General Election. I like the sound of that.

Kudzulicious said...

What was especially nice was that he was there fully supporting the Democratic ticket, and being especially gracious to Gail Buckner who beat him in the primary.

This is the sign of someone who knows about party loyalty and the importance of electing Democrats throughout Georgia.

Now...where was Cathy Cox? If she's thinking of running in the future for anything as a Democrat, she needs to also be gracious and fully embrace the Democratic ticket and urge all of her supporters to do the same.

Anything less, and she's toast in getting any future Democratic support to run for anything.

Ed Hula III said...

i disagree kudzulicious,

she'll win the Dem Senate primary in 08 hands down.

Perhaps she is still on vacation. I don't know why she wasn't there. Unfair to comment elsewise.

Tina said...

Amy, you have done so much volunteer work for the Democratic party and you know so many of the candidates. I quite agree with you that Shyam would make an excellent chair for the Democratic party. To another subject: a lot of folks seem to visit your site with a variety of comments, often negative. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I would like to know if these folks are doing some sunstantive volunteer work for the Democratic candidates of their choice. It's gonna take everybody's shoulder to the wheel.

Jen said...

Re: Shyam

Plenty of folks have lost their first, second, third race and gone on to have long careers in politics. It's especially hard when your first go at politics is running as a relative unknown in a statewide race. And even more so when your name is Shyam and you're in Georgia.

I'm sure he's learned tremendously from this campaign season and will do great things in the future.

Ed Hula III said...

"I'm sure he's learned tremendously from this campaign season and will do great things in the future."

Yeah I know, i just don't think that he is reddy(get it) for state chair now.

THink about how many times Newt ran and lost before he got elected.

Tina: volunteering for three campaigns on a regular basis. Just because we don't agree with you all the time doesn't mean we are not doing anything to get people elected.

Amy Morton said...

I think that people can disagree and still work toward common goals. Just being negative is not very productive, but one function of the "new public square" is to put ideas to the test. So, I don't mind the pushback. Thanks, though, Tina. Because I know who you are, I know that you have contributed countless hours to the Party and to candidates. You should get an AWARD! I am sure that others who post here have contributed im many ways as well. Among dems, we fight, but I think generally, we have more in common than not.