Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Voting Accuracy and Voter Apathy

POLITICS AND LUNCH: Ga. Sec. of State's Office on Elections

Politics and Lunch Presents: Allison Bracewell McCullick


Accuracy and Engagement in the 2006 Election

Wonder why fewer than 30% of eligible voters cast ballots in the primary this July, and the numbers in the runoff election in August were even more dismal? Want to know what can we do to engage voters and assure them that their vote is accurately counted? To get the inside scoop on how to motivate voters for your favorite candidate, come to Politics and Lunch this Friday, August 25th at noon at Nashville Station, 1015 Riverside Dr., Macon, Georgia 31201.

Allison Bracewell McCullick, Special Projects Coordinator for Georgia's Secretary of State, Cathy Cox, will be our keynote speaker for this Friday's Politics and Lunch. Ms. McCullick will have voting machines with her and will be prepared to answer your questions about voting accuracy, voter id, voter registration and other topics related to elections in Georgia. I hope that you will all be able to come.

Politics and Lunch is a monthly luncheon series that focuses on how politics and politicians create policies that impact the quality of life in our community. We focus on education and empowerment and engagement. The series is not sponsored by either political party, and there is nothing to join. The only cost is for your lunch, $8.00 plus tax, tip and beverage. Reservations are requested but not mandatory and can be made by contacting Amy Morton at amymorton@aol.com.

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