Thursday, September 21, 2006

...And Your Little Dog, Too...

After watching more than my fair share of Sonny Perdue and Mark Taylor ads, I am up to my neck in the various promises they have made. However, I know that Sonny and Mark really want to make promises that are more sweeping that those that have been put on TV. Here is a sampling of those more extreme policy statements:

Mark on the death penalty: apply the death penalty to my political opponents. I am sure this one would have strong bi-partisan support.

Sonny on the "state" of Georgia: If elected, Sonny will give every citizen a pair of ruby slippers that you can click together three times and be magically transported to the Georgia Sonny says we live in.

Mark on education: he invented it, well all except the internet, we know who invented that.

Sonny on education: we encourage as many of the "bad" kids to drop out of school as possible, test scores are bound to go up.

Mark on crime: let's get a city where no one wants to live, oh, the one where all the sex offenders are living now, and put a big fence around it and dump all the criminals in it. Its just like "Escape from New York".

Sonny on immigration: illegal aliens are coming through the fence of your backyard to practice gay marriage with your children.

Mark and Sonny on taxes: no one has to pay any taxes - funding the government? - we'll think about that later. I will be waiting with baited breath to see if Sonny and Mark rise to the occasion.

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