Monday, September 25, 2006

Better Be Careful What You Ask For...

You just might get it. That must be what many black leaders who are credited with getting Taylor through the primary are thinking. According the this article from the Associated Press, a number of leaders, including Joe Beasley and Rev. Timothy McDonald are expressing concern about Taylor's promise to seek a constitutional amendment to allow the death penalty for child molesters convicted for the second time.

The biggest problem for Taylor-and all the Democrats below him on the ballot-is captured in McDonald's words, "I want to support him, but there's not going to be a lot of enthusiasm if this is his message." If you are a Georgia Democrat that remark should've sent a chill down your back. This important base of support will not likely shift to Perdue, but people who are not enthusiastic tend to stay at home and not vote at all. That will hurt every single Democrat up and down the ballot. So, if after the dust settles, there are very few Democrats standing in November, Taylor's choice to roll the death penalty dice will rank high on the list of reasons why.

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