Saturday, September 9, 2006

Brown vs. Staton??

The Macon Telegraph reports that today, Georgia Republican candidates for statewide office will gather in Macon with none other than "Mr. Voter ID" Cecil Staton for what he calls "a big Kum Ba Ya party." Doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun to me.

We have an interesting dynamic in Macon. The two state senators, Robert Brown and Cecil Staton, who represent the largest portions of Bibb County, could not be more different. Brown, a Democrat, has a wealth of experience and is known for carrying power quietly. It would be fair to describe his work in the senate as benefiting the everyday working people. He has been a vocal opponent of the Voter ID Law, a pet project of Senator Staton. Staton's district includes portions of Bibb as well. He is a ultra-right wing conservative and his legislative agenda has benefited wealthy developers. From Voter ID to the nasty secrecy legislation to legislation that would give taxing authority to private developers, Staton, who is in a "safe" district for Republicans, has been tapped to carry some of the most controversial legislation the Georgia GOP could come up with, no, check that, copy from other states. (There's not an original thought among them.) Brown and Staton, neither of whom have opposition in November, will be squaring off none the less as Brown works to get out the vote for Democrats in the Mid-State and Staton works for the Republican ticket. It should be an interesting match.

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