Friday, September 15, 2006

Freeman Mute on Debate Invitation?

As of today, Allen Freeman has not responded to Lauren Benedict's invitation to debate. Four debates, one in each county sounds like a refreshing way to get the information to the voters. I would certainly prefer it to negative ads and robo-calls.

Here's a letter about the invitation that appeared in today's Telegraph. It seems that someone thinks it's a grand idea. Here's the editorial as it appears in today's paper:

Refreshing idea

I have just learned that Lauren Benedict, Democratic candidate for Georgia House Seat District 140, is challenging Allen Freeman, Republican incumbent, to four debates, one in

each county in the district.
What a refreshing idea and a great way for an incumbent to speak to his or her electorate about his actions or inactions on issues facing his district and the state of Georgia. This also give the challenger an opportunity to inform constituents how he or she would address the issues facing our state.
Let's hope all incumbents, when asked, are willing to face a challenger in a debate, and at

the same time be held accountable for his or her public service.

Betty Phillips



Button Gwinnett said...

This must be part of the strategy of Republican incumbents this year. In US Congressional District 7, we can't get John Linder to debate Allan Burns either.

From the looks of things, it might be smart for Freeman to avoid Lauren. She seems to be on the ball, and just might be too much for him to handle.

Ed Hula III said...

this is typical of incumbents (if you search, you'll find that Dem incumbents do it as well).

Why would you debate your opponent if you are an incumbent? Name recognition is much of the reason incumbents get re elected. A debate just gives your opponent name recognition.

Amy Morton said...

Yes, on many levels, I can understand why this would be a losing proposition for Mr. Freeman, though, I will say this, Benedict, who has appeared regularly on a local news program has unusually high name recognition for a first time candidate.

tribalecho said...

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Why isn't every person who participates here calling or writing their local news media to protest. Ok, ok I know. You've already done that. But still...................................

You know what to do and you know where to go.