Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hot Off the Presses: New Georgia Polling Numbers

There's good news and bad news for Georgia Democrats. James Salzer with the AJC is reporting that while a new poll has Gov. Perdue widening his lead over Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor (52% to 32% with 6% for Libertarian Garrett Hayes and 10% undecided), but Jim Martin is within one point of Casey Cagle (37% to 36%, with 6% going to the Libertarian Allen Buckley and 21% undecided). Cagle must be sweating bullets. One of the most interesting things in these numbers is that Martin at 36% has more voters committed to him than does Taylor at 32%. Wonder which voters are supporting Martin but not Taylor? Women?

For Democrats, Martin's numbers are certainly the silver lining in this poll. This independent poll, conducted by Insider Advantage, show numbers remarkably similar to Martin's own internal polling released last week. The most exciting part of this for the Martin campaign is that the overall trend of the race is in his direction. Apparently, Georgians really do like the "Decent Guy." Jim Martin can win this race in November, and tomorrow, I'm going to tell you why it is so important that we help him do just that.