Monday, September 18, 2006

Jim Martin Closing in on Cagle

Jim Martin is a definite bright spot on the Democratic ticket this fall. He emerged from his ugly contested primary with Greg Hecht wearing the mantle of "the decent guy." Not a bad place to begin a race with Cagle, who threw as many punches as he caught in the Republican primary! Today, Tom Crawford is reporting that Martin's internal polling shows a tight race with Cagle having only a slight lead (38/34) and with a large number of undecided voters.

Many of us under-estimated Jim. Cagle may be making that same mistake. I think that as Georgians get to know Jim Martin, they will like the stand-up guy who served his country and since then has devoted his life to serving the people of Georgia. He really is a decent guy, and I am proud to have him on the ticket this fall.

It is interesting to note we have heard no pleading from Martin for Greg Hecht to show up and support him. (Greg was not at the DPG Convention yesterday. No one talked about it. It was a non-issue.) Based on his poll, the strategy of controlling what you can and moving on from the rest appears to be paying off. I predict that Martin will surprise us all in November. He is one smart cookie.

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