Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jim Nelson for PRESIDENT

Wow. With his passionate and on-point speech today, Rev. Jim Nelson was the highlight of the DPG convention. I wish that we could clone this man. He had the crowd on their feet, not because they were being polite, but because his remarks were so right on the money, no one could stay in their seat.

I hear that fundraising has not gone great for him. I also wish that a good fundraiser had gotten their hands on him early. I don't know whether he can win the race he's in (1st congressional district), but I hope, regardless, this will not be the end of his political career. Here's the money quote: "I am not not running as a democrat despite being a Christian; I'm running as a democrat because I am a Christian." You go, Jim!!!


Tina said...

I too thought he was great!! It's so good to hear someone speaking directly from the heart regardless of denomination.

MelGX said...

So sorry I missed it! I've heard nothing but praise for Nelson today. I'm not sure how to make a link in blogger comments, but here's the URL:

liberalandproud said...

Jim also has a blog:

So glad the folks at the convention got a little taste of what we in the first district have been enjoying for months now. Rev. Jim is a gem. I just wish the state and national parties would support him more. Everybody seems to be writing the first district off, but when you've got a candidate like Jim, it's easy to believe that anything is possible!