Friday, September 15, 2006

Just for Fun on Friday

Jon Stewart thinks Bush could use an interpreter, and who better than Georgia's own "Little Richard" to fill that spot? Here's the result:


Tina said...

I have always loved Macon's Own Little Richard and now I love him more than ever!

tribalecho said...

Hi Amy. It's strange that you are featuring this as I come here to share an idea I had today while driving to work, about what sort of ad Mark Taylor, who I have not had a lot of hope for, might produce for some, I think a lot, of positive effect.

The other night I caught a small part of the Georgia Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards which were shown on our own pbs station. So I'm driving to work today and I start singing to myself, "Sonny don't", as in the Elvis song, "Honey. Don't"

I was remembering how the REM segment was so fabulously well received, and how REM made their segment a love fest with the Democratic Party.

From their intro praising Ann Richards as the best governor Texas had ever had to their acceptance of their award from their "hero", obviously beloved, Max Cleland, to their praise of the Athens Dems they were supporting, it was an REM love-fest with the Dems.

So I'm thinking, what about a segment, perhaps a montage sort of thing, where REM, Outkast, the Indigo Girls, Little Richard, perhaps a computer generated Blind Willie McTell, are singing this song, "Sonny Don't"? Pictures of kids in trailer schools. Pictures of kids getting vacinations. You get the idea. ( I don't know how it would be done but I would sure like to include the Repubs try to pass SB 5t0) I think if Cleland asked, the artists would do it. And don't forget Vic Chestnut.

Can you get this to someone who matters? I mean, if you think it's a good idea?

You say you will
But you won't.

Sonny Don't.

(got a few ideas for verses buy I'm sure that if these people would get involved there would be plenty more, and way better)

tribalecho said...

Sorry. I hit publish before the edit.