Monday, September 4, 2006

Marshall's Momentum

Someone said, "it's hard to out-republican Jim Marshall." That may be close to the truth, and, I'm laying my bet today that Marshall will be re-elected. Yes, despite the fact that as a result of re-districting his new district only contains 1/3rd of his old district and now includes the hometown of this opponent, Marshall's going back to congress. He may just be the surest bet on the ballot this fall.

Tonight, I saw the first negative ad against him. It was a weak attempt to associate him with Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Cynthia McKinney. That's too funny. I often disagree with Jim, especially on Iraq. He enjoys significant crossover support from Republicans, and it's a safe bet that even the most liberal Democrats would rather have Marshall than Collins. A retired Army Ranger, Jim has often been an apologist for the President with regard to the war in Iraq. That doesn't sit too well with me, but I'm betting his support is part of the reason that when Bush comes to Georgia, it will be to campaign for Burns, not Collins.

I continue to hear a rumor that Jim might one day be interested in the Governor's office. That's an interesting thought. I would characterize Jim as a Zell Miller Democrat. That will take him back to congress, but would it play in a Governor's race? I know, I know. Focus on '06. I'm just asking for your thoughts.

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Tina said...

I plan to vote for Jim Marshall, but I sure would like it if he put the word "Democrat" somewhere on his website. Let's say it would just make me, as a known Democratic sympathizer, feel more "included."