Friday, September 22, 2006

Martin is Lifeboat for Georgia Dems

It looks like Georgia Democrats might need a lifeboat. I don't know whether we can can elect The Big Guy, but it looks like The Decent Guy, Jim Martin, has a realistic shot.

If we didn't already know it, the recent news about Taylor's finances, his standing in the polls and his staffing challenges, make it clear as a bell. We still need to support Taylor, but we'd be wise not to put all our (scarce) eggs in one basket, and instead should spread resources to other viable races, including other constitutional offices and legislative seats. Among the other races that appear viable, Jim Martin's bid to become Lt. Governor might just be the most important. (No, I don't buy the logic that by helping Mark we help the rest. That's somewhat true, but not entirely.)

Consider this scenario: Taylor loses the general and Cagle is elected Lt. Gov. This potentially sets us up for not just four, but instead twelve more years of Republican control. On the other hand, if Perdue is re-elected, and Martin becomes Lt. Governor, then the Republicans will not have the advantage of an heir-apparent.

Plus, as internal and public polls indicate, Martin can win his race, especially if he has the money to get his message out. Even on that score, Martin may be in a better position that Taylor. While some estimate that Taylor will be out-spent four to one, the ratio in the Lt. Governor's race will probably be more like two to one. Still not great, but not such an overwhelming advantage. Yes, the top of the ticket tends to carry the ballot, so if Taylor wins, it helps everyone, but if we don't prepare to win other races even if Taylor loses, we'll have nothing but regrets on Nov. 8th.

I am impressed with the Martin campaign's ability to target voters and communicate a strong and winning message. Now we just have to make sure he has the money to get it done. A lifeboat doesn't do you much good if it's not inflated. You can donate by clicking here.

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