Sunday, September 3, 2006

Not Smart Politics

There was a moment on Friday when I thought that Georgia Democrats were about to join hands and sing Kum Ba Ya, and then Rick Dent opened his mouth. President Carter got involved in brokering a settlement in the lawsuit filed by the Taylor campaign attorney against the Cox campaign spokesman, Peter Jackson. That settlement was a step in the right direction, but then, apparently, Dent took the opportunity to poke a stick in Cathy's eye by claiming that Carter's involvement was focused on getting the Cox folks to sign an agreement that had long been on the table. Funny, up to this point, Dent's response has been that the Taylor campaign had nothing to do with the lawsuit, so I'm wondering why he felt the need to comment at all, and especially to do so in such a manner. Couldn't he have just said, "We’re pleased that this is now behind us"??

According to the AJC, Mark Dehler, Cox's husband and the attorney representing Peter Jackson, was "infuriated" by the Dent response that he called a "blatant falsehood", and said that the agreement went through a number of "incarnations" and that significant changes resulted from Carter's involvement. If that's accurate, I don't blame him for being angry. What did Dent expect? There are issues of integrity here that transcend this election.

But even if Dent's version is correct, what possible gain was there from him saying what he said? Why risk again alienating Cox and those who supported her? Good grief, folks. Give it a rest. The primary's over. Taylor should aim his missles at Perdue, not Cox.


BEZERKO said...


Kudzulicious said...

Agree: "Mark Taylor should aim his missiles at Perdue."


Mark Dehler should aim his missiles anywhere else and should stop being "infuriated" and back off. He, not Cathy, is the reason this was even an issue, and the reason that CC hasn't stepped up to the plate.

Ed Hula III said...

its a non issue.

The number of people who are genuinely upset about this/care are maybe 5% of the Democratic base.

The GA blorgy are probably the only people who even know about this.

Let it die, seriously. There is nothing to gain from this "outrage".

You know how you wrote that post about "How not to woo a cox supporter"? All this does is make ex CC supporters look like people that you dont want on your team.

Hate to break it to ya, Cox and her supporters aint gonna win the GE in Nov. Don't know if you read this, but you should .

Button Gwinnett said...

Well Ed, I'm certainly glad that you feel that way. Perhaps we won't see you and others running around the blogosphere wondering where Cathy is and beating this dead horse to death.

Ed Hula III said...

Nope. CC essentially said she wouldn't. And for reasons stated earlier.

Amy Morton said...

My point here is that this was not where Mark or anyone of his team should be spending energy at this point, and I think that every single vote is important at this point. This is not about kissing up to former Cox supporters. It's about whether this approach helps Taylor or not, and I think that the answer is "not." He's got bigger fish to fry, and Dent should've left this alone. Taylor can't control Dehler. He can control Dent.

Tina said...

There doesn't appear to be a whole lot of any consequence happening in the governor's race, so maybe that's why people are jumping on every little bit of news. It's got to get more interesting or there will be a lot of voters sitting home. As a political junkie (and a senior citizen) I am certain to vote, but more good reasons need to be presented to those who are only mildly interested in order to get them to the polls, and especially to get them to vote Democratic.

jo said...

Kudz -- I don't think anyone could have said it better

Ed Hula III said...


Don't worry. It is post labor day, the race will be real interesting soon. Don't worry.

Everyone knows these races pick up after labor day. No point spending money while people are on vacation.

DefinitelyNotRep said...

I agree Rick Dent should have kept his mouth shut.

However, I'm sure the MT campaign is frustrated with Dehler and CC.
You would think Dehler was the candidate.

Cathy Cox is letting down all the Democratic Women on the Ticket by not helping in the races.

I've almost always supported her in the past...she is such a disappointment now.