Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An Open Letter from Cathy Cox

If there was ever any question about whether Cathy Cox supports Georgia Democrats, this letter, sent by Cathy to our last WIN List event, should put concerns to rest. Cathy Cox is a person of integrity who has been "showing up" for Georgia Democrats for a long time. She is a gracious mentor and role model to countless women who have chosen to run for elected office.
True to her convictions, she continues to stand up for Georgia Democrats today.

Here's the letter:

I am very sorry not to be with you tonight, but I wanted to join you in celebrating the victories of so many Democratic women in this summer’s primary elections. I am excited about the prospects of adding more women to legislative and state offices – and especially the likelihood of keeping a good Democratic woman in the office I now hold, Secretary of State. WIN List played a crucial role in all these victories – so I congratulate you all.

It is more than a little overwhelming to think of how far Georgia’s WIN List has come – from the vision that Melita Easters and others had not too many years ago of electing more Democratic women in Georgia, to the reality today that dozens of Democratic women will win tough races and take on top leadership positions. And while that accomplishment alone is important, it is what comes with electing these women that matters most.

I believe that it is by putting more and more Democratic women in office that we will bring significant change to Georgia politics and policies. It is only by electing more Democratic women to state offices that we will realize the potential in this state – and only with more women in powerful positions will we seize the opportunity to provide first-class education for all children, assure access to first rate health care for Georgians of all ages, care for the most vulnerable in society, protect women’s rights to make their own reproductive choices, and address so many other quality of life issues that really matter to Georgia families.

To my WIN List friends and family, you were there with me from the very start of my campaign to become Georgia’s first female governor and I will be eternally grateful for your strong support. You believed in the possibilities we could achieve, and you were willing to buck the old-boy system of Georgia politics to seek real change. While we didn’t prevail, your support helped erase forever the doubts about women as serious gubernatorial contenders – and I am hopeful that one of the candidates standing before you tonight will go on to finish the race I started and put a woman in the governor’s office of our state one day soon.

I had the pleasure a couple of years ago of introducing former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright to an Atlanta audience, and she said in her comments something that has stuck with me ever since. She said, “ There is a special place in hell for women who won’t help other women.” You, the women – and men – who support WIN List and WIN List’s candidates, have surely taken her words to heart. You’ve taken the risk and supported these brave, risk-taking women. You’ve helped us all reach for our dreams; you’ve given us strength to take on tough battles; you’ve pushed us to break that political glass ceiling; you’ve supported us all in our quest for equality at the tables where policies are made. By supporting WIN List, you have helped move Georgia forward – and I thank you.

Now, we must join together to help our WIN List candidates win big in November. Please be generous with your time and your money to help us bring change to Georgia in a way that only women can achieve. While I won’t be on the ballot with you, I’ll sure be there pulling for you, praying for you, and pondering the possibilities for our state when women win – and WIN big! Go get ‘em – Georgia wins when women WIN!

Cathy Cox

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Charlieg said...

I was a campaign manager for Congressman Bo Ginn when he ran for governor in 1982. He was so upset over his loss to Rep. Joe Frank Harris that he refused until the last minute to attend the Democratic convention. Bo Ginn was a great friend and would have made an excellent governor but he made a serious political mistake by not getting actively behind Harris. Secretary Cox is facing a similar decision. She can have a future in Georgia politics if she doesn't abandon her party now.