Saturday, September 23, 2006

An Open Letter to Bob "Swift Boat" Perry

Dear Mr. Perry:

I have received not one, but two offensive robo-calls bashing Jim Marshall from the "Economic Freedom Fund," a California-based group to whom you've already donated more than five million dollars. Neither call provided me with a required call back number. I'm just guessing that you may have a direct line. If you'd provide it, then I can let them know that very few of us in Georgia care what Texas billionaires and California marketing firms think about our politics. Seems to me, with the likes of Tom DeLay to deal with, you'd have enough to keep you occupied in Texas. But, no, you seem intent on playing in our election. Fine. Waste your money, but is it too much to ask that you at least follow the rules?

In today's AJC, Doug Moore with the Marshall Campaign said, "I'd like to get Bob Perry in a room and introduce him to the truth." Amen, but in the meantime, I'll take that phone number. Oh, and by the way, you might want to have someone check on how those robo-calls are targeted. A call bashing Marshall coming in to a household where no one has ever voted in a Republican primary just might be a waste of your hate money.

Amy Morton
A Real Georgia Voter


Tina said...

I have received two full color anti-Marshall "hate mails" from The Economic Freedom Fund, PO Box 191005, Sacramento CA 95815. [now you have their address!] These mailouts are 8.5 X 11, on paper similar in weight to poster board, and printed on both sides. They were obviously very expensive to print.
Both pieces of mail make reference to "the death tax" and to illegal immigrants. Different messages on opposite sides of these mailouts. Marshall is pictured with Nancy Pelosi (who for some reason the Republicans have decided to demonize) and Cynthia McKinney on one and with Nancy Pelosi (her worst photo ever) and Ted Kennedy (not looking so great either) on the other. Mac Barber is not mentioned at all.
I hope you mailed your letter, Amy, because I doubt that the Economic Freedom Fund is reading very many Democratic blogs these days.

Mrs. Righteous Jackass said...

My parents have received two mailers from these people and several of the robo-calls. My dad finds it humorous that they keep spending their money on them with these mailers and calls and they don't live in Marshall's district and they are ultra-liberals. Way to do your homework there Economic Freedom Fund!

jo said...

maybe they got a list that has a bunch of democrats on it.

Tina said...

The Economic Freedom Fund wasted their printing and postage money on me too. Even though I am a known Democratic sympathizer of the liberal persuasion and don't own a gun, I will still vote for Jim Marshall because I would like to see that seat kept with the Democratic Party. It would be good to see more Marshall signs and billboards in Houston County. When I got home from Atlanta yesterday there was a call on my answering machine from a man who said he had called Marshall's office in Macon two weeks ago about signs and had not heard back. In this race every vote counts!

Amy Morton said...

Yes, I got the mailers, too. I thought about calling them and pretending to be moved in hopes that they would waste more of their money on me.

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