Friday, October 6, 2006

Benedict: The Fiscal Conservative in the Race

From the looks of the campaign disclosures filed yesterday by Allen Freeman and today by Lauren Benedict, she must be the fiscal conservative in that race. Of the $54,383.24 she has spent since beginning this race nearly a year ago, just over $40,000 has been invested in an early media buy. She's run a tight ship, spending just over $14,000 for everything else. That's very smart spending! And she's left with about $25,000 cash on hand.

While Freeman reports raising over $100,000 overall, he only has just over $60,000 cash on hand. Where's the forty-or-so grand gone? There is no indication in his filings that he has made any large media buys, but it does appear that he has paid some consultants, for his cell phone bills, paid for a little mail and a few other things. He raised about ten grand more than Benedict this period, with most of that coming in on the last day or two of the period, and most of the coming from other elected officials or pacs. But you'd expect an incumbent to be able to raise money. The question is, has he spent it wisely?

I acknowledge my bias here. Lauren is not only a friend but one of the bright stars in Georgia politics today. This is a women who's going places, and spending "smart money" is a great place to start. If she approaches the state budget like she approaches her campaign budget, we'll all be glad she's in Atlanta come January!

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