Friday, October 20, 2006

Hiding Clinton?

I didn't see a lot on the blogs today about Bill Clinton's visit to Georgia. In case you missed it, he was here for a fundraiser luncheon at John Lewis' home. I don't know what the polls say, but I think that bringing Clinton to Georgia and then putting him in a brown paper bag was a big mistake. When, according to the AJC, white women are trending toward Perdue, did it occur to anyone that the only politician Georgia women like more than Cathy Cox is Bill Clinton? Hell, he can even convince junk food companies to voluntarily stop putting the bad stuff in our schools. Don't you think that he could've brought a few women Taylor's way? Just asking.


Sid Cottingham said...

Don't you think that he could've brought a few women Taylor's way? Just asking.

It would have been a risky venture, one where the risks outweighed the rewards.

I am of the opinion that had recently elected candidate Bill Clinton not come to Georgia in 1992, Wyche Fowler would have been re-elected.

This is not any kind of expression of my feelings about President Clinton. It is just that this is Georgia, and making more of his recent visit to Georgia than was done would have been risky.

decaturguy said...

It's called stupidity Amy. Here we have a Democratic nominee for Governor who is polling 15 points behind the traditional Democratic base in Georgia and they don't use still the Democrats biggest stars -Bill Clinton - who I will remind you, won Georgia in 1992.

Clinton could have raised a ton for Mark Taylor, but he chose to let the opportunity pass him. Pretty typical of Taylor's whole general election campaign.