Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry Put His Foot in Our Mouth

That's right. With his remarks today, Kerry didn't just put his foot in his own mouth, he also shoved it down the throat of every Democrat- especially candidates in tough swing districts. It wasn't enough to make the stupid statement. Kerry had to keep talking about it. I can't believe that the guy who cost us the Presidency could now cost us Congress.


Tina said...

He could have responded by saying something like "Hey, I goofed. I'm sorry. That statement didn't come out exactly the way I meant it." Instead he rails back at the criticism. This morning I was in the lab waiting room at a local hospital and the folks waiting alongside me were criticizing Kerry. Not a good sign. Biden is my man for 2008.

Sid Cottingham said...

I agree with every word you said about Just For Kerry. Last night I heard on one of the news shows that someone said something to the effect that he lost it for us in 2004, and is trying to do it again in 2006.

Kathy said...

Hopefully this will be the end of putting him forward for the nomination again. In the future I hope he will use every opportunity to keep his mouth shut.

However, Bush has his nerve as well. Kerry is a real war hero. And Bush is a rhinestone cowboy playing with the lives of our dedicated young men and women in uniform. As the aunt of two such young men --one if Afghanistan and one to be deployed any day to Iraq --Bush's gungho posturing is offensive. I wish they knew as little about it as he does.

Anonymous said...

It's like early Christmas for the rabid right. ugh

Tina said...

Maybe he will decide to go to rehab -- like in Tibet or Siberia.

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