Thursday, October 12, 2006

My (Sur)real World and President Bush

Turns out that people in an ICU waiting room are a tough audience for President Bush. In that waiting room time stops. They put mats in the elevators with the day of the week on them to help people stay oriented. Everyone there has someone they love fighting for life. Somehow dealing with life and death in real time is a clarifying experience.

That's where I watched Bush's press conference earlier this week. Most of the people in that room expressed spontaneous disgust and mistrust of the President. Watching him try to avoid talking about North Korean nukes by complimenting a reporter on his suit literally sent one women out of the room. She's had all she could take. Call this my informal poll. Call it whatever you like. One thing is certain: Republicans are in deep trouble.


Button Gwinnett said...

Good job, Amy. There are some Republicans that truly deserve everything coming to them. I just hope that our country doesn't have to pay a deadly price for having failed diplomatically on the Korean peninsula and the Middle East.

BTW, I hope your sister is recovering nicely.

Tina said...

Amy--like me you have your political antennae out wherever you go. More and more signs of people being fed up. Don't know how this will play in GA but I think they are in deep molasses nationwide. Whatever happened to Republicans like Eisenhower? He won the presidency by saying "I'll bring the boys home from Korea" and left it with a big slap at the "military industrial complex."
And don't forget his sending the troops to Little Rock! Today's Republs would probably call this WWII hero a left-wing whining wimp.
My how times (and tactics) change.