Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Non-Story Story

Must've been a slow news day. The guys over at the AJC Political Insider blog made this non-story, Secretary of State Cox unveiling a long-anticipated exhibit and per protocol inviting the Governor (and the Lt. Governor) to attend, a story. And we are all apparently so bored that we jumped right on the band wagon. Andre is over on Peach Pundit opining away that "Cathy's gonna switch." (Cathy's not going to switch, Andre'. Hate to break it to you.) Ann Rose is distributing an e-mail describing feeling "shocked" and "betrayed." Spare me. It's a routine event, and far from the first public appearance Cathy has made since the primary.

Cathy Cox is doing nothing other than her job. Now there's a novel concept. And it's protocol to invite the Governor and the Lt. Governor. Since the election, the Cathy rumor mill has seldom been quiet. Just in the last week, I've heard that she's leaving the party, going to work for Diebold, and going to work for Perdue. I suspect all the rumors are rubbish, and the product of the same people and mentality intent on blaming Cathy if Mark does not beat Sonny. Now that's a productive way to spend the last thirty days before an election-figuring out who to blame if you get beat.

The only news here is that an elected official is actually doing the job she was elected to do. Now, that is news!


definitelydemo said...

Why do you consistently defend Miz Cox?

Actions speak louder than words and her selfish actions are very clear.

You should ask Justice Hunstein or Gail Buckner how they feel about it. Ask anyone on the down ballot.

Miz Cox has let everyone down.

Amy Morton said...

Seems to me that the truth is worth defending. I'm sick and tired of everyone, in particular women, trying to make whether Taylor wins Cathy's responsibility. Maybe we sould all consentrate on what we can personally do for these candidates rather than keeping Cox under the microscope. It just nuts. Tell me this, if Cathy had done everything that some folks seem to want her to do, and Mark won the election, would she get the credit? I don't think so, nor should she. Taylor is the candidate and garbage like this is a waste of time.

jo said...

I agree, we should all focus on Taylor and what we can do to get him elected. IF Taylor loses (and I think he'll win) I wouldn't blame it on Cox, but that still doesn't mean that she couldn't do anything to help the entire ticket in encouraging Democrats to GOTV instead of sitting this one out, but since she is, forget about it, and go out and do what you can to help get Taylor, Martin, Buckner, Thurmond, and Baker elected!! We can do this if we pull together and let's accept the people that want to help and not worry about the people we can't change.

definitelydemo said...

Jo, I agree with you that Taylor will win. Also, I agree that CC is sitting this out and we have to move on.

My frustration is that I volunteer daily like many others to help MT and the ticket win. CC has continuously undermined that effort.

If she wants Democrats to win, then she should show up at one event with Mark. It's that easy. She has been asked numerous times.

Amy, It's called fence mending I think. This latest deal with CC will probably make even her most ardent supporters wonder about her.

When you reference, "in particular women," this is natural to happen because CC's emotional, selfish, immature behavior, makes all women look bad. It's unfortunate she couldn't take her loss like a man.

Her actions or inactions has just exemplified that she is a poor loser.

This is the last I will post on the subject b/c I'm moving on. Good Advice Jo!

Fall Line Dem said...

Taylor's people just don't get it. Cathy's supporters, including a lot of Republicans, supported her because of who she is. For whatever reason, the Taylor campaign expected Cathy's supporters to automatically turn to him. That did not happen because Taylor's folks kept beating up Cathy, a tactic that clearly has not changed based on the comments I have seen, and because a great number of Cathy's supporters felt inspired by her candidacy. Quite frankly, Mark's campaign has hardly been inspirational.

As a Cathy supporter, I would have found it hypocritical, and quite frankly not terribly believable, for her to publicly sing the praises of Mark Taylor. With all due respect, if there is some down the ticket drag on other Democratic Candidates, I believe it has far more to do with Mark Taylor's campaign than what Cathy Cox has or has not done.

As someone who knows Cathy, I do not think one iota less of her for her conduct since the primary. She has acted with decorum and restraint and consistent with her responsibilities as Secretary of State.

Taylor supporters have apparently expended so much energy trying to get Cathy to do things, and publicly lamenting when she doesn't, that they have to me lost focus on the big picture and more important picture, getting Mark Taylor and other Democrats elected. Every attack on Cathy Cox reminds me of why I supported her in the first place, I really thought that she could usher in a better atmosphere in Georgia politics. All this criticism directed at Cathy demonstrates to me how far we still have to go in that direction.

definitelydemo said...

fall line dem....I bet if we traced your ISP it would show you are a Repub.

Fall Line Dem said...

Little do you know.

definitelydemo said...

Well enlighten me fall line.

I don't think a true democrat would spend the time writing the epistle you did defending Miz Cox.