Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pam White-Colbert: Where Are Your Disclosures?

Don't you think that a candidate for Superior Court Judge ought to be sure that her financial disclosures are properly filed with the State Ethics Commission? I have heard that the Commission site is having some problems, so maybe the problem is on that end, but last week, when I looked, Pam White-Colbert, one of four candidates for Superior Court Judge in the Macon Judicial Circuit, had no financial reports available for viewing on line.

The race for Superior Court Judge in the Macon Judicial Circuit is an interesting one and provides several good choices for Middle Georgians. In addition to the absence of Pam's disclosures, I noticed that Tripp Self has raised a boatload of cash, more than $100,000.00 and has invested most of it wisely, in my humble opinion.

Also, Macon attorney, Ed Ennis has a repectable campaign stash of over $70,000.00.

Cedric Leslie has raised only about $11,000.00, and most of that looks like personal or family money.

Charles Jones, a Fort Valley attorney, is my personal favorite in the race, but I have some serious questions about how he has spent his money. He has raised just over $40,000.00, putting in some of his own cash, and just last period paid local "consultants" about ten grand. That seems like a very poor investment to me, as do the billboards he has purchased. He went up very early on television, and now seems to have gone dark, also a strategy I question. Charles would make a great judge. We'll see....


RuralDem said...

A couple of weeks ago at a candidates forum in Crawford County, I met Charles. I knew of him because he's done a lot of work in my area and my stepdad knows him well. However, I had never met him personally until the forum.

A few of my friends and I were standing around talking and he came over and spoke to us. After introducing ourselves we told him we were NOT in his district. However, he still spoke with us for a few minutes and was very kind.

The moment he left, Tripp Self came by and introduced himself. The second I mentioned to him that we were not in his district, he suddenly had to leave to go inside. Charles also spoke to us later that night when we were all leaving. Tripp however simply ignored us.

Just goes to show how much character Charles Jones has. He's a great person and hopefully he can pull it off.

Amy Morton said...

yellogrlandproud, I took down your post because you made an anonymous personal allegation against a candidate that was potentially false, and I am responsible for the content on this site.

Yellogrlandproud said...

Oh I forgot...this is your site--you should check out your so-called favorite a little better. I am glad that there are 3 republicans in the superior court judge race (self, ennis, and jones). It's just too bad that Jones is basically a wannabe "jesse jackson"--all preaching and no real character. does that guy ever shut up? by the way, where does he live or where did he live when he qualified for this election? Thought you were always pushing women candidates...sounds like you are going for the jugular on white-colbert because you are supporting Jones. By the way, you need to check your facts. It said that her reports were submitted--can't help that your friend Cathy Cox didn't post them. Says they were sent by mail and the other guys filed online. just an observation. I don't know her but looks like her stuff is there and your personal accusation is FALSE. anyhoo, allan freeman is not good for georgia--only reason why I am not supporting him as a republican.
Nobody cares about Bill Clinton anymore..he is old news.

Amy Morton said...

Actually,I like Pam, but I am a big fan of open goverment and openness when it comes to these disclosures. I think that it is especially important in a judicial race. What I said was that it was not available for viewing online, and I think that it should of been. If that's a mistake on the part of the State Ethics Commission, then I would hope Pam would insist that they correct it. It appears that her disclosure was not e-filed, but instead was mailed. They may be permissible in a judge's race, but I don't think it is best. State level candidates are required to e-file.

By the way, when she ran for Governor, the State Board of Elections removed from the SOS office certain functions regarding elections, including the posting of these disclosures,so this may be an administrative error, but it's not one made by my friend, Cathy Cox.