Thursday, October 26, 2006

What the Heck is Freeman Thinking?

Remember the awful mailers that Hecht sent out during the primary? I thought no one could trump him when it came to twisting words and taking things out of context to make false claims about a political opponent. Well, I was wrong, Allen Freeman has plumbed a new depth with his latest television ad. Freeman twists and distorts Lauren Benedict's words and implies that she does not support protecting our children from sexual predators. That's just not true, but apparently, Freeman doesn't care.

Freeman was there when Lauren Benedict made it clear that she believes that we should be tough on crime and prosecute those who dare harm our children to the fullest extent of the law. Benedict thinks that the new law should've been fully funded. Mr. Freeman apparently doesn't think that's important. He believes in passing unfunded mandates and when law enforcement officers object he calls them lazy.

Below is a link to a video clip that will give you the real facts and the truth about what she said.

We need to send Mr. Freeman a message. You can help do that by visiting Lauren's website and volunteering or making a contribution today.

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