Wednesday, November 8, 2006

"Sigh!" and "Yay!"

Well, I am surely sorry that some of my favorite regional and state candidates did not make it to victory in last night's count. (Sigh!) They will always be winners to me. "Say not the struggle naught availeth!" Each one of them fought the good fight. Since the Democratic juggernaut took over the US Congress and stands poised to take over the US Senate, Georgia seems to be an aberration compared with the national trend.
But, hey--2008 is on its way, our party is in charge, and Democrats are on their way to recapture the White House. For that, a great big YAY !!


Tina said...

And Rumsfeld has resigned too !!
That ought to cause some smiles.

Kathy said...

I'm smiling. First time all day. I'll grin when later this evening, Mac Collins comes forward to concede that despite the efforts of our current dictator...I mean president..he was unable to oust a sitting Democrat. I guess those $4200 handshakes are worth about a buck ninety five now.:)

demblogs said...

For a few weeks now Taylor and his campaign have been very vocal and have said that Cathy Cox kicked them to the curb when it came to endorsing and beating the pavement for Taylor. eeks ago they began to frame her as their scapegoat if he lost to Perdue. For those of you that have had that same belief and are blaming Cathy today for Taylor's poor showing check out this article published today in Mark Taylor's hometown newspaper.
Here it is.

Cathy Cox Behavior Befitting her Position

Your editorial regarding "the absence of Secretary of State Cathy Cox from Democratic campaigning" overlooked that as our Secretary of State Cathy Cox is the chief state elections official. Consequently, it would be improper for her to endorse any candidate. She pointed this out to Mark Taylor during one of their Primary Election debates.

As far as your assertion that it is "tradition for opponents to shake hands following the election," she did just this on election night. Rarely, if ever, has the losing candidate done anything more than that. In 1990, neither Roy Barnes nor Andy Young campaigned for Zell Miller after they lost the primary to him. In 1998, Lewis Massey did not campaign for Roy Barnes after losing the gubernatorial primary. Instead, the defeated candidate has quietly moved on with life. Cathy has done just that and has not said a negative word, though she has had many opportunities.

On occasions when candidates did shake hands and campaign together following an election, the winner was not pursuing lawsuits against the defeated candidate or her campaign staff for weeks after their defeat, which was the case for more than a month after Taylor's July victory.

Cathy is a lifelong Democrat and is deeply loyal to the Democratic party. She has brought more to the Democratic Party of Georgia than she has ever taken from it. If people were convinced Cathy's endorsement was so critical to the success of any candidate on Nov. 7, they would have elected her to represent the party in the governor's race. To the extent that it is appropriate for her to be involved in another candidate's race, she has done so. To the extent that it crosses an ethical line or conflicted with other obligations and previous commitments, she has declined.

I am a deeply biased supporter of Cathy's, as my signature indicates, but our closeness also puts me in a position to know the facts. Cathy does not deserve to be Mark Taylor's scapegoat. When we are so caught up in what's good for the party instead of what's right for Georgia, we get what we deserve — partisan politicians who cannot build bridges or tackle important issues we need our leaders to address.


Tina said...

Glennie, I agree with you and the article you posted 100%
Taylor did not lose because of "sins of omission" on the part of Cathy Cox.
Those of us who supported Cathy in the primary went to the polls like good Democrats and voted for Mark on Nov. 7, but the numbers didn't
add up. The Perdue people were better financed and better organized and they achieved the dubious distinction of now being a red state in a sea of blue. Tell Cathy that I'm taking my vitamins every day so I can be ready to put on my straw hat with the I'M FOR CATHY button and campaign for her when she runs for US Senate.