Friday, November 24, 2006

Can We Defeat Saxby?

Not, according to Bill Shipp, if Vernon Jones tosses his hat into the ring for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Saxby Chambliss. Shipp makes a rather convincing argument that Jones, like Majette, would have a good chance of winning the primary, only to be defeated in the November general election.

Shipp's argument raises an important question: can Georgia Democrats get a non-incumbent through the primary who can then go on to win the general election? I think that we can, and disagree with Shipp about the race and region being the determining factors. I do think that we need a moderate candidate in this race, one who has a proven positive track record, positive name id and the ability to raise plenty of money.

Who do you think that candidate should be? Below are some possible choices, none of whom has said they will run, by the way. (That may be our biggest problem-convincing a viable candidate to run.) Feel free to suggest others in the comments section.


Kathy said...

Max Cleland, of course! If he could possibly be persuaded to give the people of Georgia another chance, Max would be exactly the kind of heavy artillery we need. He's an undisputed war hero and a veteran servant of his state and his country.

Saxby's going to be tough to beat. If we are to unseat Saxby, we have to run a candidate with impeccable character, considerable experience, name recogntion and the chops to raise buckets of money.

I don't see anybody on that list who could take on Saxby. Jim Marshall is a good man; but he dodged a bullet this past election. Besides, he is gaining seniority in the House which will be a plus for his future prospects there.

Ataru Atlanta said...

Shirley Franklin is the obvious first choice, but she's taken herself out of the running unfortunately.

If Saxby had been up this year, he would have been very, very beatable. 2008 is anyone's guess.

Kathy said...

I realize Max's age may be a factor, but hey Reagan was what --70 some when he ran for president? That worked out well. (for him anyhow.) Max probably Won't wish to serve until he is as old as the late Strom Thurmond of ignominious memory, but he could give us a true Democrat in the Senate to help our agenda succeed and 2)allow us precious time to field and fund a truly viable replacement when he retires.

Amy Morton said...

Personally, I am hoping that Shirley will reconsider, even though I wonder about her statewide appeal. I think she's great, but can she win? I don't see an obvious candidate, so maybe we need to look for a not-so-obvious candidate. For example, when John Edwards ran for senate, he had never before run for political office. Is there a Georgia version of Edwards out there some where?

Kathy said...

Well, if you want to field a relative unknown who would be fantastic at whatever she put her hand to, how about our own Lauren Benedict? Do you think she would consider running for the Senate? She certainly has the brains and talent.

The reason I did not suggest a woman in the first place is that I cannot think of one currently in office who would have the state- wide appeal to beat Saxby Chambliss. And he's got to go.

Amy Morton said...

How about Michelle Nunn? I know that her names comes up in every conversation about leadership gaps in the Georgia DP, but seriously, don't you think that her work has helped her build relationships with potential doners all across the country? Plus, she has great name ID.