Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Drag 'um, Beg 'um, Drive 'um

Whatever you have to do, get those dems to the polls. It is abundantly clear that the Republicans have turned out their base. At 10:30, I stood in line for an hour at Howard 9 in Bibb County. This is one of the most "Republican" precincts in Bibb and is part of the area Marshall did not have prior to this year. They had already had 358 people vote and could already predict that they would have to stay open late to deal with the crowd. They said that the same was true in heavily Republican precincts in sub-south. (These precincts in Sub-south were carried by Allen Freeman with nearly 80% of the vote in 2004.) They are already predicting having to hold those polls open as well. As the poll manager at Howard 9 told me, it takes a certain amount of time to vote, and because you have a finite # of machines, it is possible to calculate that there is simply not enough time in the day to accommodate the typical turnout. Bottom line? I'm not hearing reports of predictions of having to hold open any heavily Democratic precincts, and that's a problem for us. Drag those dems to the polls or Marshall, along with other Democrats, are in serious danger.

In other election day news, I had a report from one precinct in Wilkinson County where the computer that was to be used to check voters in was briefly off-line causing a slight delay. The precinct was Ramah. I also had a report that a voting machine in East Macon 5 was showing Republican votes in the summary despite the voter having voted for dems. I understand that they took that machine off-line but did not know how many people had voted prior to that discovery. I am not much of a conspiracy theorist when it comes to the machines, so I'll take a "show me" attitude with that one. More news as I hear it...

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