Sunday, November 19, 2006

Edwards in Atlanta

On Friday night, I went to Sen. Edwards' book signing at the Carter Center. It was a full house and some were turned away. I understand that the afternoon event was also well attended. There were many familiar faces in the crowd at the Carter Center, including both Chip Carter and Sen. Max Cleland. For me, it was interesting to hear Edwards in that setting as opposed to the "stump speech" situations where I have hear him before. He has a wealth of information and answered questions at length (maybe too much length) and in depth. He has clearly worked hard to address the perception that he lacks foreign policy credentials, emphasizing his work in Uganda, Darfur and Russia. With regard to Iraq, he said that the best way to convince people we were serious about leaving was to...begin leaving.

I'm betting he announces before New Years. We'll see....I will say this: his team has fully embraced technology. For example, at the book signing, there was a photographer taking a picture as he signed my book, and then I was given a card with information about how to find the picture online. The card encouraged me to text the word "HOPE" to 56658, a mechanism he is using to capture email address, I'm sure for later communication, and the url provided connected me to a page on the One America Committee site. On that site, they are seriously embracing blogging, podcasts, YouTube groups, My Space Groups etc. He is reaching for the young and the plugged in.

This is not going to be your grandmother's campaign...

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Anonymous said...

I hate that I missed the event. But some friends of mine from Cobb Co. went and were equally impressed.