Thursday, November 30, 2006

Help with an advocacy appeal to the Georgia General Assembly

Last year our General Assembly passed legislation to make red clay the "official Georgia dirt."
While I appreciate the whimsy involved in this effort, I would surely prefer that they devote themselves to more serious issues, such as repairing and adequately funding our broken public mental health system. I know for a fact that the ground-level people who work in the MHDDAD system are dedicated and honest human beings, but they are hampered in doing their job by underfunding, a truly byzantine system of financing and administration, and general lack of compassion on the part of the Georgia house and senate. I can't think of much they did in 2005-2006 that benefited the average Georgian despite political ads designed to give everyone a terminal case of the warm fuzzies. Please see my website to learn more about what you can to to stop the underfunding of mental health services in Georgia, the revolving doors of our state psychiatric hospitals, and the increasing criminalization of the mentally ill.

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