Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just Say "No"

Putting Dr. Keroack, a man who does not believe in contraception in charge of family planning for the federal government is the equivalent of putting Dick Cheney in charge of the development of alternative fuels. Read about this brilliant plan, and see what you can do to force an early withdrawal of this inane nomination. This is an insult to women. Believe me, this is more than just an ideological difference. If appointed, Dr. Keroack will have charge of critical Title X funds currently used to provide access to birth control to women who cannot otherwise afford it. Click the link. Do your bit. This is important.


Tina said...

Well, I am hoping that the Democratic majority will find a way to get rid of this quack. He sounds about as competent as that former EPA director who thought we should just go ahead and use up all our natural resources because Jesus was coming and we wouldn't need them anyway.......

Tina said...

I believe the man to whom I referred was with Dept. of the Interior, not EPA. Anyhow, I think our responsibility is to use wisely what we need and protect our natural surroundings. It is encouraging to see some evangelical groups moving toward that point of view.

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