Sunday, November 26, 2006

Macon Mayor's Race

My Christmas tree is not even up and already the rumors are flying about who will run for Mayor of Macon. After eight years as C. Jack City, Macon will choose a new Mayor in 2007, and I imagine that before the garland is hung a number hats will be tossed into the the ring. Frankly, I wouldn't wish the job on my worst enemy, but apparently there are a number of brave souls ready to offer themselves for the office. On the Democratic side of the ledger, I am hearing rumors of Thelma Dillard, Lance Randall, Anita Ponder and others. Gibson has said he will run as a Republican. If Mike Cranford runs, I'm not sure which party's label he will wear considering that he has expressed public disenchantment with both Democrats and Republicans. Former state representative Robert Reichert's name continues to surface, and I can only hope that he will run as a Democrat. Please, Robert, run as a Democrat.

We need a strong leader with a vision for a unified city/county government and the ability to work cooperatively with some very strong personalities-not an easy task. Is Clinton available? Bill, I mean.

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