Sunday, November 5, 2006

My Crystal Ball

Please consider this an open thread for your election prognostications. Here are a few of mine:

State School Superintendent: Because of a nearly non-existent campaign by Denise Majette, the other Cox will win this race easily, and Georgia will be stuck with Ms. "Evolution is just one of many theories" Cox for four more years. And I will spend the next two years convincing Bibb Superintendent Sharon Patterson (the current Georgia Superintendent of the Year and one of four finalists for National Superintendent of the Year) to run. Ya'll go ahead and call her. Tell her to run and that you will give her money. Denise will go on to star in an episode of "Without a Trace."

State Insurance Commissioner: Oxendine will win this one in a walk despite the fact that he has plenty of baggage that should've brought him down. Unfortunately, incumbents carry baggage more easily than challengers. And, right now in Georgia, an "R" beside your name seems to be a slime antidote.

State Agriculture Commissioner: Brent who? Okay as someone pointed out, the right question here is "Gary who?" Sorry about that, but it does sort of make my point...

Supreme Court Justice: Let's all pray Hunstein wins this race. I still maintain that it is the most important race on the ballot. We need the judiciary to remain independent of political parties, and this is referendum on that principle. Wiggins (who no longer uses email) and his sister will appear on "The Dr. Phil Show."

State Commissioner of Labor: I like Mike. He will win easily and go on to run for higher office. You know how desperate his opponent's campaign is when Mike's being blamed for high dropout rates. Huh?

Attorney General: Baker will win easily. Plenty of dems have trouble with Baker-the same kind of trouble they have with Marshall. Apparently, we could use a few more Democratic candidates Democrats have problems with.

Secretary of State: Buckner must win this race because the thought of Karen Handel becoming Governor makes me sick to my stomach.

Lt. Governor.: Despite what the pundits say, Jim Martin's going to win this race. He has been the surprise of the election season and will continue to amaze. Jim is a true public servant. The polls and the pundits are failing to take into account Martin's very sophisticated GOTV targeting that has served him so well, so far. Martin in a squeaker. Besides, Casey has scary eyes and should've hired someone to play him in his commercials.

Governor: I's afraid we're stuck with the idiot from Bonaire. By the way, how does the Macon Telegraph write an editorial that walks right up to the line of calling Perdue a criminal and then give him a "tepid" endorsement? Is someone over there putting Depo-Provera in the water?

Congress: In the most hotly contested races, Marshall and Barrow will survive the Max-Mac attack.

Georgia Legislature: Dems will maintain their current margins, at least until the next group of cowards jump ship. Benedict and Sartain look good. Jane Kidd wins in a close one. Then, with a Governor who does not have to stand for re-election and a Speaker who wants his job, hold on to your hats. I don't even want to think about the legislation this crew is going to put forward.

That's about it for me. What about you guys?


Tina said...

I think that Democrats in Georgia are in a transitional state as a party & we need to rebuild ourselves with more populist appeal and an increasingly strong emphasis on middle-class bread & butter issues. The wedge issues cannot stay hot forever. (One national wake-up call will probably come when Americans start going to China or Japan for stem-cell therapy.) Can we get a tighter organization by 2008? Can we define ourselves as a party in strong terms based on human needs. If so, we'll take back the governor's seat in 2008.

Button Gwinnett said...

Amy, I hope and pray that you are right about both Hunstein and Martin. I actually feel pretty comfy about Hunstein. I think people have seen through the Wiggins campaign and its benefactors. If by some chance that she lost, it would be a terrible harbinger of things to come for our judiciary.

I want Martin to win so bad. He is the kind of person you want to see in public service. More and more it seems that his kind are being pushed out. We can't afford that.

Win or lose, I think Jim has shown us how Democrats need to campaign in the future. We have to take it to the people up front and remind them that Democratic ideals are their ideals too. Given how Republican leadership has failed this state and this nation, it isn't as hard of a message to sell as we've made it out to be.

MelGX said...

Ditto on Martin. Of all the statewide candidates, he's my clear favorite. However, since my predictions are often wrong, I won't jinx anyone. I just want to wish everyone the best of luck and success tomorrow and send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who stepped forward to run this cycle!

Button Gwinnett said...

Mel, you a jinx? Nah, you couldn't be. Thank you for helping me.

jo said...

Not that I really care, but Brent Brown is facing off to Mike Thurmond for Labor Commissioner and Gary Black is running for Ag. Commissioner.

Amy Morton said...

Thanks. SOrry about that. And, Mel and Button- I agree about Jim. I am hoping that he is our surprise tomorrow. He set a standard in his campaign that others should aspire to. I am so sick of the no rules, no holds barred, no need for truth ads. We should expect more from our public officials.

Anonymous said...

If you get Patterson to run, I will be the first to step up with my checkbook.

Amy Morton said...

I'll take you up on that, Drift. So, do I put you down for the full ten grand? :)

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