Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Not Worth Two Cents

That's about what some of these robo-calls cost and it's more than some are worth. Dick Cheney would be hard pressed to convince me to walk across the street, let alone vote for Mac, yet, it was his voice that graced my voice mail last night when I got home. Republicans reach beyond the typical "voter file" data and try to figure out who might vote for their candidates by looking at your buying habits and other data. So, because of what I drive or where I live, despite the fact the no one in my household has ever voted in a Republican primary, I get the Cheney call. That didn't work, but Democrats should take notes: if we never go after what we think is their base, we will won't win.

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Tina said...

I think that we ought to appeal to the FCC for the opportunity to opt out on robo-calls. Is that the right agency to which we should appeal. Pls ask your personal lawyer!!