Sunday, November 5, 2006

Robo-call from the President/ Rain on Election Day

No kidding. Today my sister got a robo-call from George W. Bush asking our household to go to the polls and vote Republican because they represent our values. She couldn't tell me all he said because she's so tired of robo-calls (as I am) that she hung up before the recording was finished. Seems to me reather tasteless to have the President of the US making robo-calls, but that's in line with the general tone of this mid-term election.

Now Democrats need a special robo-call urging voters to go to the polls on Tuesday, rain or shine, and vote Democratic so we can do some major values-adjustment in Washington.
This afternoon my bones started feeling achey, which is usually indicative of rain on the way.
I looked up "weather 31069" and learned that rain is predicted -- at least in my zip code-- for Tuesday. That does not bode well for turnout. Glad I voted early.

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