Friday, November 17, 2006

Study shows 1/2 of prison inmates are mentally ill

"Compassionate conservatism" across the US, including Georgia, has reduced human services budgets, especially services for the mentally ill. So where do the untreated mentally ill go?
Answer--to the streets and to jail. Check out the latest study at
(Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law). Here in Georgia, DHR insists it has not cut funds, just sort of rearranged them. Nevertheless the mental hospitals continue to have revolving doors and adult programs in particular are suffering cut-backs.

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ProgReader1 said...

Compassionate Conservative means filling the jails to make you "feel" safe. They do it with volume.

The likelihood of prison reform is slim and none because disenfranchised people do not have a voice. Only when accountability (on both sides), rehabilitation and reconciliation and not retribution become the purpose of the criminal justice system will this needlessly expensive, wasteful and cyclic process end.