Saturday, November 4, 2006

Teachers Beware

The support of teachers is a feather in the cap of any politician, especially one who is running for Governor. In 2002, many give teachers credit for Perdue's come from nowhere victory over a much better funded incumbent, Roy Barnes. As this key constituency learned the hard way, you better be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Well, based on information I have now heard from two very good sources, and see posted by Melanie over at Blog for Democracy, teachers are about to take it in the teeth again. In a budget that is being carefully kept under wraps, Gov. Perdue and his "team" are apparently planning to whittle at teacher retirement benefits. Maybe they just plan to give them a gift card instead.

This, if true, should come as no surprise to anyone. This crew gave big business a billion dollars in tax relief while cutting funding to our schools. Their priorities are clear, and anyone who buys their fancy charts and election year b.s. deserves exactly what they get.


Tina said...

Well, I wonder what they are going to do to us retired teachers. I am trying currently to get specific information on how SHBP will cover prescriptions when some of us reach the "gap" in Medicare Part D. I have written and called and still can't get specific information -- like "how much?" There is going to arise a massive cumulative howl from a lot when a bunch of us reach the "gap." The problem with the gap is that there isn't any "other side to it." After you pass the "gap' then you have to spend $3600 each year out of pocket on prescriptions before Part D will cover anything. Retired teachers who kept their SHBP prescription coverage were told that SHBP would cover the gap...but just try to find out HOW. All I have learned so far is that SHBP and Medicare Part D "will coordinate." Please note that hardly anybody will reach the gap prior to Tuesday, Nov. 7 !!

Amy Morton said...

I can sure understand why they don't want anyone to know.

Tina said...

I hear that DCH is canceling its contract with United Health Care. Not sure whether medical or prescription or both.

Open+Transparent said...

Hmmm...why would anyone bash the DeKalb County School Board??? They do a great job at spending over $800 million of our tax money each year (plus SPLOST)!!!
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