Monday, November 27, 2006

Tripp Self and The 159 Group

I like Tripp Self, and he is probably going to win the runoff election and become a Superior Court Judge here in Bibb County. He's young, bright and great socially, and I predict that he will end up on an appellate bench.

Tonight, something Lyman Hall said, reminded me that Tripp is a contributor to a PAC called the 159 Group. A review of disclosures filed with the State Ethics commission reveals that he has both given money to this PAC and received money from the it, a PAC that as far as I can tell only supports Republican candidates. Well, they gave Mike Wiggins a bunch of money, but he ran as a Republican candidate. Both of the remaining candidates in the race to fill Tommy Day Wilcox's seat are Republicans, and neither was my first choice. The interesting thing about Tripp is that he has drawn support from some pretty substantial local Democrats. I have to wonder how they would feel about him being part of a group that gave money to Mike Wiggins, Glenn Richardson and Sonny Perdue? Sometimes you just trip over things. No pun intended.

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Tina said...

The Japanese have a saying: "The wise bamboo bends with the big wind." This may be wise for the bamboo but it may not turn out to be so wise for all the Georgians who have switched parties just in time to find themselves in "the vast minority." It will be interesting to see how Georgia politics plays out over the next two-three-four years as all these guys try to decide what side is best to be on ! hee hee