Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Will Women Ride the Blue Wave?

That's the question posed in the post at The Emerging Democratic Majority. The answer is, "maybe," but it's up to you. Read the post, be inspired, and then contribute to your favorite Democratic women running for the Georgia Legislature. Here are some suggestions:

State Senate
SD 32 RuthE Levy*
SD 36 Nan Orrock *
SD 46 Jane Kidd*

State House
HD 2 Sadie Morgan*
HD 46 Melanie Eyre*
HD 48 Jan Hackney*
HD 68 Carol Rozier*
HD 113 Becky Vaughn*
HD 136 Beth Perera*
HD 140 Lauren Benedict*
HD 144 Dee Yearty*
HD 169 Danita Knowles*
HD Jaki Johnson*


leaholland said...

Check out John Sugg's Metropolis column in the latest Creative Loafing:

Democrat Steve Sinton is in a long-shot bid against U.S. Rep. Tom Price

Tina said...

Well, I surely hope Steve Sinton wins. I like him very much!

politically blonde said...

haha, okay, i like steve, but that poll has got to be a joke. If it was true, the DCCC would have $$ into that race in a heartbeat.