Wednesday, December 6, 2006

How Do They Get a Pass on This?

How do Georgia legislators take care of the business of the people of Georgia? If their names are Rogers, Graves, Loudermilk and Scott, they cozy up with the likes of D.A. King and travel to what Money magazine has called one of the top ten vacation destinations in America, Cochise County, Arizona for an "educational tour" regarding illegal immigration. "Tour" is the operative word in that sentence.

Did King's radical The American Resistance Foundation or his newly birthed Georgia-focused Dustin Inman Society finance this trip? I'm betting the answer is yes, and, if so, these legislators are in bed with a certified extremist. This is the same D.A. King who said, "The President is in violation of his oath of office because of his unapologetic failure to secure the borders and enforce immigration and employment laws. Clinton was impeached for far less." I'm wondering whether these four musketeers are ready to throw an impeachment party for Bush?

Seriously, is D.A. King going to be "in the room" as new state laws are drafted? Wouldn't shock me.

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Kathy said...

It would be unsurprising if King is an honored guest. As we saw with the Florida land deal, Georgia's lawmakers are in the habit of rewarding those who scratch their backs. If the secrecy legislation bears any fruit next session, I don't suppose the average Georgian will ever know, unless he happens to take a "tour" of the capitol.