Monday, December 25, 2006

Powerful, Progressive, Personal Politics

Edwards latest YouTube episodes are as good as the first. I think that people will respond to what's real and will respect someone who is willing to trust the American people with the truth. This is powerful, progressive, personal politics.


Tina said...

I'm all for him. We need someone with a brain but no excess personal baggage. Edwards seems to fit the bill

MelGX said...

The more I see of Edwards in these videos, the more I like him. This webisode series is a home run, but I wish they would feature Edwards more and staff a little less. Most people don't realize (and would probably find it disturbing to know), that the average age of a political staffer is about 12.

Amy said...

Yes, I think that it will be a shock to most people when they realize that those who run the machine are often fairly young. But, it makes sense in some ways. Staff positions often do not pay well and ofen require 24 hr. availability and extensive travel. That schedule and pay scale may be more doable for younger staffers. I am going to put up his newest offering tonight, and it does focus more on him. I'll be interested to see what you think about "The Plight of Uganda."