Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Reddest of Herrings

Recently, the words, "Not on My Dime" were on the cover of the AJC. The article that followed was about an women who gave her immigrant staff Spanish to English dictionaries for Christmas along with a mandate that they not speak Spanish on the job. Just between us, I'm betting they would've rather had cash. This push to make English the official language in Georgia is the reddest of herrings, designed to capture the front page and the attention of voters while the legislature is busy with the really boring, but critical issues like changing the tax code and reforming the courts.

The "official language" issues is a perfect example of a platform designed to fuel "brain stem voting." Such an issue appeals to our most basic survival instincts: fear, fight, flight, identity etc. but often makes little sense. Brain stem voting is why people vote against their own economic self interest and in favor of the guy they identify with or "like." In the end, it matters little if at all when it comes to real quality of life issues in our State. Don't be fooled.

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Kathy said...

Like the state flag controversy before it, the main purpose is deflection from what is actually going on. Like a bunch of evil magicians, the Republicans both federally and state level know the value of distracting the audience while the real action takes place under the table. Even the horror of 9/11 provided these people with the smoke and mirrors of national grief and fear. They used this mind boggling tragedy to mask legislation to gut environmental protections and introduce programs that shamelessly benefit the least needy among us.

Here we go again. The knee jerk bias against Mexican immigrants (unless they happen to be working at a construction site near you for less than minimum wage) is so prevalent that touting the English language business will absolutely work.

By the time Joe and Jane Middleclass come up for air on this vital topic, they may find their own security has disappeared.