Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saxby's Double-Speak

Senator Chambliss is on record in the Athens Banner Herald opposing a time line for withdrawal from Iraq, instead saying that the criteria for victory has changed. Here's what he had to say. If you can follow his logic, you're doing better than me:

"The degree of how bad it's going is where (Democrats and Republicans) might disagree," Chambliss said after Friday's fall commencement at the University of Georgia, for which he gave the keynote address. "From a military perspective, we are winning the war."
But a successful military operation does not ensure victory - "we can't say that about any other war," he said. "In this conflict, victory means training the Iraqi military to the point where they're able to protect the Iraqi citizens from the threat of an outside force ... and train the Iraqi police until they are at a point where they can protect citizens from domestic threats."
American troops continue to take out bad guys every day, "but that doesn't win a war for us," said Chambliss, who sits on the Senate Armed Services and Select Intelligence committees, as well as the Agriculture Committee."

What? Are these the same Iraqi police who recently stood by as worshipers were pulled out of a mosque and burned to death? This meaningless double-talk is just one of the reasons the right candidate can so beat this guy.


Jon said...

You and I must have been reading that same tripe at almost the same time...

I picked up the other part of that article where he said, I don't support timelines for removing troops, but I do support setting timelines for the Iraqi government to get "stable" so we can bring the troops home...

It makes you want to bang your head on the table.

Amy Morton said...

It does. It does make you want to bang your head on the table!