Monday, December 4, 2006

Will Republicans Save the DPG?

Stranger things have happened, and will happen again. On a national level, some argue that Democrats did not so much win congress as Republicans lost it. Could this also happen in Georgia? You bet your life it could. While I don't think that it is quite that simple, if the Georgia GOP engages in the same sort of over-reaching and failure to excise corruption, then, maybe Bookman, writing for the AJC , is correct. Republicans may become their own worst enemies.

According to Bookman, the Republican plan to take control of the courts is exactly the type of issue that is likely to turn voters off. I would add to that the secrecy legislation that may or may not re-emerge this session. It will be interesting to watch the showdown between Cagle and Richardson as they fight over whether those measures (HB 218 and SB 5) will be introduced once again this session. Cagle has stopped just short of promising that he will not support this legislation. Notice I said, just short. Richardson apparently continues to think that this putting a cloak around the state's negotiations with private industry is a grand idea, even if said industry is going in your backyard.

The bottom line is that Georgia Democrats cannot sit around and hope that the Georgia GOP implodes. From voter communication to branding to candidate recruitment, we must instead fundamentally change the way we do business. By the way, for those of you who think that Democrats are forever dead in Georgia, I invite you to show me the credible source that predicted, in 2004, that Democrats would re-take both houses of Congress in the 2006 mid-term election.

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Tina said...

Republicans are going to find themselves in political trouble if they mess with state retirees' benefits. there are a lot of us...and we vote.
Also there are a lot of upcoming retirees who are going to be very peeved if they find their benefits priced out of sight, reduced, or...worse case...eliminated.