Thursday, January 18, 2007

And Bobby Kahn Responds

Promotion from the comments on "Eight is Unacceptable." Here's what current chairman, Bobby Kahn has to say. (It looks like you can expect your phone to ring if you've not been asked to contribute to the DPG.)

Bobby said...
Guess I'll weigh in. For everyone who voted in the 2004 Presidential Primary and has a phone number on the voter file, a call was attempted. We completed well over 100,000 phone calls. It was very expensive, but it is starting to pay off. The small donor program will make a decent amount of money in 2007, and even more in 2008 as excitement over the Presidential election grows. As expensive as calling is, mailing is alot more expensive. We did a test mail off of the 2004 Pres Prim file. The returns were much better on the phone, and cost less. Granted, we missed people without phone numbers (40% of the file), but the effort was significant, resulting in a much larger small donor base. The important information in Chris's post is that there is a great deal of overlap between the DNC and DPG lists -- you just have to look at federal and state reports. Also, State Committee members routinely get invited to the JJ and GADCC dinners, and are solicited by the various joint fundraising programs. If you still feel left out, send me an email at, and I will make sure I ask you for money in the days remaining in my term. Bobby Kahn
3:35 PM


Roxanne Jekot said...

And THERE is the problem:

Hicks philosophy:
When the customers are voters, volunteers and donors.....

Kahn philosophy:
If you still feel left out, send me an email at, and I will make sure I ask you for money in the days remaining in my term. Bobby Kahn

Ed Hula III said...


What Bobby was saying is that they have made efforts (and I love how, I am just assuming here, that you have not been involved in any level with the fund raising process of the DPG) to raise money.

But, if you still want to give money, Bobby will ask you. Most people generally don't want to give away their money you know?

Roxanne Jekot said...

Yes, Ed.......I know exactly what he's saying.

I just don't happen to like the way he says it. I don't know, maybe you don't mind the "Kiss my ass" attitude. I find it objectionable.

North Georgia Democrats said...


His kiss my ass attitude only bothers you because you're the one being told to kiss.

Roxanne Jekot said...

Really, Michael? I didn't see him call me by name, but I'd consider it more honest if he did.

North Georgia Democrats said...


You found it directed at yourself and that compelled your defensive response.

Then, you further acknowledge that when you say Bobby is dishonest for not calling you by name.

The old case of if the shoe fits, wear it.

Borrowing a word from you ...

Really, it should bother you that can't see this about yourself.


Roxanne Jekot said...

No, Michael, I found no such thing.

I simply suggested it would be more honest if he called someone by name.

The bottom line is simple - Kahn's post sums up his "leadership" of this party.

It has boiled down to one thing - "If you don't like my leadership, kiss my ass."