Monday, January 8, 2007

Boys and Their Toys

There are times I think that the Georgia legislature has become the parent that all the guys wanted as teenagers: the parents that let you drink all you want, party all you want and fool around with whomever you want. It seems we have regressed even further to include "drive your four-wheeler anyway, anywhere you want."

Last year the Georgia legislature passed a bill allowing law enforcement to use four-wheelers, ATV's, on the road and for other purposes. Today, in Macon, a deputy was going very fast down Broadway, without his blue light on, changing lanes frequently and nearly having a wreck driving one of those vehicles. I know that the sheriff's department fought hard to get that legislation through, but this does not sound like a safe use of this equipment. And to answer your next question, yes, I am going to let Sheriff Modena know about the incident. What happened this morning had the potential to cause an accident, and since the blue light was quiet, I have to assume there was not emergency.

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margie said...

I am a mother who lost a child from on of those atv's. i am dead set against them. they are far more dangerous than a motorcycle and weigh more. i believe that atv's should be taken off the market for they are too dangerous and kids and adults feel they are toys instead of a motor vehicle.
i will keep trying to get this things off the road and away from our children.